How strange and how lovely it is to be anything at all.

whenever you are feeling overwhelmed and anxious

imagine the day someone says you don’t have to try so hard

and something in the way they word it makes you believe them

and from that moment on life becomes a long, sweet exhale

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i’m screaming


I wish I was a flower they are pretty and don’t do anything



it’s gives off it’s own little patch of sunlight

where the fuck did you get a dragon tales’ stone

Well I, I like the look of your shoes

I like the way your face looks

When I’m arguing with you

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fast vs slow shutter

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there is no one else i have ever felt strongly enough for that i would put myself out on a limb when there is a 99% chance i will get hurt immensely yet the 1% is worth the risk

when i feel like a wilting daisy amidst a garden of roses in full bloom still hoping to be picked, like jumping into the deep end when you can’t swim because the water was just too pretty to resist

when i am totally convinced i’m not nearly enough of anything beautiful or pure or fascinating but keep believing against all odds i’ll end up happy; some days i think it’s magical that these emotions have transpired inside of me, others it’s merely exhausting

Anonymous asked: You no like anime anymore? :(

i still like it. just into real life stuff more currently. it’s a waste of my time to get wrapped up in fantasy. you only end up alone that way.